GuidesEmail Validation for FluentCRM

Use CampaignKit's WordPress plugin to validate and tag your new contacts with invalid email addresses in FluentCRM.

The plugin uses CampaignKit's Email Validation API to perform the following validations:

  • Domain checks - is the email domain available and accepts email traffic
  • Mailbox deliverability checks - does the target domain accepts emails for the given mailbox
  • Catch-all email address detection
  • Disposable email address detection

This works for all contacts that you add manually or import using the import function.

Contact with invalid email address tagged with "Email invalid (2)" in FluentCRM

Setup Guide

The installation process is simple and consists of three simple steps:

  1. Download Plugin
  2. Add Plugin to WordPress
  3. Configure Plugin

(1) Get the CampaignKit Word Press plugin

The source code of the plugin is available via GitHub. On the release page, you find the latest version of the plugin.

Click the following button to get a direct link to the latest version.  

(2) Add Plugin to your WordPress

Go to your WordPress Admin panel and click Plugins on the left navigation bar.

You see the plugin page with a list of installed plugins.

WordPress - Plugin Page

Click the Add New button and click Upload Plugin. The upload section appears. Click Browse ... and choose the plugin's zip archive you downloaded in the previous step.  

WordPress - Upload Plugin

Follow the instructions on the screen and click Activate Plugin. Now the plugin is installed and activated.

WordPress - Plugin Page

(3) Plugin Configuration

The plugin will not perform any email validation until the configuration is done.

To use the plugin, add the API key and select the Tag you want the plugin to add to your contact's with invalid email addresses.

Go to the Settings page (Settings->General) and scroll down to the CampaignKit section.    

WordPress - CampaignKit setting


Use your CampaignKit API Key.

If you don't have an account yet

Create a new account here.

FluentCRM Tag

Choose a tag the plugin should add to new contacts with invalid email addresses.

To create a new tag go to FluentCRM->Contacts. The new tag can then be selected from the settings page.

FluentCRM - Create a new tag


The plugin will now tag new contacts with invalid email addresses.

Do you need help with the plugin or want to submit a feature request? - use the GitHub Issue Tracker.

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