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Email Validation

Use our Email Validation Service to clean your email lists. Reduce bounces and remove low-quality contacts to protect your sender score. Improve your email marketing performance.

Mailbox deliverability check

Tests if the target email server accepts emails for a given mailbox (without sending an email)

Disposable email address detection

Over 3000+ domains of temporary email services we know to detect disposable email addresses.

Catch-All detection

Detecting common catch-all email addresses which has often a low open rate.

Syntax Validation

Detects and removes email addresses with invalid syntax immediately.

Domain checks

Verifiying the email domain. Domain exists and is configured to accept emails.

Quality Score

Each email address gets a score to rate the quality of the email address.

API integration

Use CampaignKit's API to integrate the Validation Service into your processes.

Simple worry-free pricing

Simple and affordable pricing. Choose between our simple plans. Validate 10k emails for under 20$


Connect your systems within minutes using our built-in integrations.
Email list cleaning without juggling files.

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“I've been using CampaignKit recently. It's keeping my bounce rate low. That's better results compared to a previous validation tool I was using!”

Judith Black
Email marketer

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Frequently asked questions

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How do you protect my data?
We keep submitted email addresses during the lifetime of the validation. No email addresses are stored on CampaignKit's servers nor do we forward the email addresses to any 3rd party service. All communication between you and the CampaignKit servers is encrypted.
Do you send emails during the validation?
No. No emails are ever send to the recipient's mailbox.
How do you perform mailbox deliverability validation?
The validator tries to connect to the recipient's mail server, issues a MAIL command (using an email address from the validator not associated with you) followed by an RCPT command with the email address. Email servers respond with some defined response codes and additional information. This is used to detect if the mailbox is available. Instead of continuing the session, the connection will be closed (no email will be sent).
Does this work for ESPs like gmail?
Yes. Mailbox deliverability validation works for ESPs like,, Some providers are giving penalities for too many connection attempts and temporarily reject new connections for a couple of minutes, which requires the validator to slow down.
How many emails can be verified?
There is no limit on email list sizes. You can verify millions of email addresses with our email validation service.
Do I need to buy credits?
Yes. You buy credits depending on your needs. A credit is only used for successfully validated emails. You don't pay for syntax failures.

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