Email Validation for Mailjet

Detect invalid and malicious email addresses in your Mailjet contact lists automatically.

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Connect CampaignKit to Mailjet to verify contact email addresses automatically. Avoid manual data import/exports by using our built-in Mailjet integration:

  • Bulk validate all your contact's email addresses without import/export
  • Works with multiple Mailjet accounts

CampaignKit uses the Mailjet API to communicate with your Mailjet account. It's possible to connect multiple Mailjet accounts.

When connecting CampaignKit with Mailjet, CampaignKit creates two additional contact attributes. Those attributes are used to store CampaignKit's validation results:

  • cpkit_classifier: Valid, Invalid or Risky
  • cpkit_score: 0 - 10

CampaignKit never removes or modifies data in your Mailjet account. Validation results are stored in the attributes, which can be used to filter your contacts.

Simple Setup Process

It takes a few simple steps to get started. In CampaignKit, navigate to New Integration and select Mailjet.

Select Mailjet to connect your Mailjet account

CampaignKit opens a form to enter your Mailjet API keys. Follow the instructions on the page to get your Mailjet API keys.

Add your Mailjet API Keys

Your accounts are now connected. To bulk validate your existing contacts use the CampaignKit App to start the bulk validation process.

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